Paradox Blue Manga

Alternate Name: 
Angels Falling Down
Year of Release: 
Nakanishi Tatsurou
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

"What is the boundary between game and reality".

The world is in danger. Strange juggernauts called "Angels" have started to appear all around the planet, presenting riddles called "Angel Paradox" to whoever happens to be in the near vicinity. Answer right and your land will receive God’s blessing. However, fail to solve the paradox and the whole place will be literally nuked with divine punishment...

-An interactive manga with multiple choices, similar to the "Choose your own adventure" books-

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Chapter NameDate Added
Paradox Blue 122015-04-04
Paradox Blue 112014-11-23
Paradox Blue 102014-08-11
Paradox Blue 92013-09-21
Paradox Blue 82013-09-21
Paradox Blue 72013-09-21
Paradox Blue 62013-09-21
Paradox Blue 52013-09-21
Paradox Blue 42013-09-21
Paradox Blue 32013-09-21
Paradox Blue 22013-09-21
Paradox Blue 12013-09-21