Paladin Manga

Alternate Name: 
Paladin: Inevitable Destiny
Year of Release: 
Ryu Ki-woon
Moon Jung-hoo
Korean Manhwa (Read from left to right.)

The country of Greenland, after losing the war to the Imperial Army, were in agony and despair for what will the future bring them. They had hired mercenaries to help them during the war and now they have come back to collect their reward while the country were still picking up their pieces of their broken dreams. By that time, the King has passed away and his heir was still too young to take up on the throne. After hearing the news of the King’s death the mercenaries decided to take over the throne and rule in his place. But there was an obstacle in their way... The Oracle!

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Chapter NameDate Added
Paladin 502013-09-22
Paladin 492013-09-22
Paladin 472013-09-22
Paladin 462013-09-22
Paladin 452013-09-22
Paladin 442013-09-22
Paladin 432013-09-22
Paladin 422013-09-22
Paladin 412013-09-22
Paladin 402013-09-22
Paladin 392013-09-22
Paladin 382013-09-22
Paladin 372013-09-22
Paladin 362013-09-22
Paladin 352013-09-22
Paladin 342013-09-22
Paladin 332013-09-22
Paladin 322013-09-22
Paladin 312013-09-22
Paladin 302013-09-22
Paladin 292013-09-22
Paladin 282013-09-22
Paladin 272013-09-22
Paladin 262013-09-22
Paladin 252013-09-22
Paladin 242013-09-22
Paladin 232013-09-22
Paladin 222013-09-22
Paladin 212013-09-22
Paladin 202013-09-22
Paladin 192013-09-22
Paladin 182013-09-22
Paladin 172013-09-22
Paladin 162013-09-22
Paladin 152013-09-22
Paladin 142013-09-22
Paladin 132013-09-22
Paladin 122013-09-22
Paladin 112013-09-22
Paladin 102013-09-22
Paladin 92013-09-22
Paladin 82013-09-22
Paladin 72013-09-22
Paladin 62013-09-22
Paladin 52013-09-22
Paladin 42013-09-22
Paladin 32013-09-22
Paladin 22013-09-22
Paladin 12013-09-22