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Anzai, Nobuyuki
Anzai, Nobuyuki
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

Ginta Toramizu is a 14-year-old kid who doesn't have a lot going for him: he's near-sighted, doesn't do well in school, sucks at sports, and to top it off--he's short! But Ginta is a dreamer and has had the same dream 102 times, always in the same fantasy world, where he is a hero blessed with all the abilities he lacks in real life. Then one day a supernatural figure appears at Ginta's school and summons him to a mysterious and exciting new world! In this strange universe filled with magic and wonder, he is strong, tough, agile--and he can see without his glasses! Thus, Ginta begins a mystical quest in search of the magical items known as "ÄRMS," one of which may have the power to send him home. Joining him on this epic journey are his companion Jack and the valuable living, talking, mustachioed iron-ball weapon known as "Babbo," which everyone wants but, it seems, only Ginta can possess!

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MAR 1622015-11-30
MAR 1612015-11-30
MAR 1602015-11-30
MAR 1592015-11-30
MAR 1582015-11-30
MAR 1572015-11-30
MAR 1562015-11-30
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MAR 1532015-11-30
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MAR 1512015-11-30
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MAR 1432015-11-30
MAR 1422015-11-30
MAR 1412015-11-30
MAR 1402015-11-30
MAR 1392015-11-30
MAR 1382015-11-30
MAR 1372015-11-30
MAR 1362015-11-30
MAR 1352015-11-30
MAR 1342015-11-30
MAR 1332015-11-30
MAR 1322015-11-30
MAR 1312015-11-30
MAR 1302015-11-30
MAR 1292015-11-30
MAR 1282015-11-30
MAR 1272015-11-30
MAR 1262015-11-30
MAR 1252015-11-30
MAR 1242015-11-30
MAR 1232015-11-30
MAR 1222015-11-30
MAR 1212015-11-30
MAR 1202015-11-30
MAR 1192015-11-30
MAR 1182015-11-30
MAR 1172015-11-30
MAR 1162015-11-30
MAR 1152015-11-30
MAR 1142015-11-30
MAR 1132015-11-30