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Kuramochi Mari
Kuramochi Mari
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

A collection of 4 short and cute stories
1. Junai Clover
Mai is in love with her classmate Ikeda. She doesnt have too much self-confidence, so she turns him down, not believing she is a good match for him. But she can not forget him. A year later they incidentally meet on the bus and.....
2. Sora o Miagete
"I will make sure he always gets to see the stars, even on a cloudy day."
3. Junjou Shuushinki
"An innocent young boys feelings have touched my heart."
4. Shuushin Ice Cube
Juu Mangetsu, the high school erotic novelist, is being sought after by the playboy, Shiizaki.

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Junai Clover 42013-09-21
Junai Clover 32013-09-21
Junai Clover 22013-09-21
Junai Clover 12013-09-21