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Tobina Touya
Tobina Touya
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

The Hachiouji family hunts demons in the darkness. The heiress of the Hachiouji family, Takamichi, lost her older brother at a very young age. She isolates herself, but, one evening, two werewolf pups are given to her. After just a few years, they have grown quickly, and they even go to the same senior high school that she does!

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Chapter NameDate Added
Jiujiu 232015-01-17
Jiujiu 222015-01-16
Jiujiu 212015-01-16
Jiujiu 202015-01-12
Jiujiu 19.52015-01-09
Jiujiu 192015-01-04
Jiujiu 182014-08-22
Jiujiu 172014-05-07
Jiujiu 162014-04-04
Jiujiu 15.52014-02-19
Jiujiu 152014-02-19
Jiujiu 142014-02-01
Jiujiu 132014-01-12
Jiujiu 122014-01-06
Jiujiu 11.52013-12-29
Jiujiu 112013-12-29
Jiujiu 102013-12-22
Jiujiu 92013-12-15
Jiujiu 82013-12-08
Jiujiu 72013-12-01
Jiujiu 62013-11-24
Jiujiu 5.52013-11-23
Jiujiu 52013-11-23
Jiujiu 42013-09-22
Jiujiu 32013-09-22
Jiujiu 22013-09-22
Jiujiu 12013-09-22