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NANAO Nanaki
NANAO Nanaki
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

Helck is the hero that defeated one of the Demon Kings, and in the wake of the Demon King's death, a new one must be declared. This is achieved through a fighting tournament, where the strongest becomes ruler. Vamirio, one of the Great Demon Kings, discovers that Helck is a participant for the tournament and is so far winning! What could be his motive? If a human becomes the next Demon King, what does that spell for the Demon kingdom?

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Chapter NameDate Added
Helck 332016-01-09
Helck 322016-01-09
Helck 312016-01-09
Helck 302016-01-09
Helck 292016-01-09
Helck 282016-01-09
Helck 272016-01-09
Helck 262016-01-09
Helck 252016-01-09
Helck 242016-01-09
Helck 232016-01-09
Helck 222016-01-09
Helck 212016-01-09
Helck 202016-01-09
Helck 192016-01-09
Helck 182016-01-09
Helck 172016-01-09
Helck 162016-01-09
Helck 152016-01-09
Helck 142016-01-09
Helck 132016-01-09
Helck 122016-01-09
Helck 372016-01-10
Helck 112016-01-09
Helck 102016-01-09
Helck 92016-01-09
Helck 82016-01-09
Helck 72016-01-09
Helck 62016-01-09
Helck 52016-01-09
Helck 42016-01-09
Helck 32016-01-09
Helck 22016-01-09
Helck 12016-01-09