D.Gray-man Manga

Alternate Name: 
D Gray Man
Year of Release: 
Katsura Hoshino
Katsura Hoshino
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

D.Gray-man follows the adventures of 15-year-old Allen Walker, whose left arm can transform into a monstrous claw and destroy akuma, evolving machines created by the Millennium Earl to help him destroy humanity. As ordered by his master General Cross Marian, Allen becomes an Exorcist, people who can destroy akuma, for the Black Order, an organization attempting to stop the Earl. He becomes a powerful asset for the Order because he can detect disguised akuma with his left eye. Allen is sent to recover pieces of Innocence, a substance that gives certain people, called Exorcists, the ability to destroy akuma. The Earl decides to call together the Noah Family, superhuman descendants of Noah who can destroy Innocence. Both sides start the search for the Great Heart, the most powerful piece of Innocence that will assure victory to the side that finds it.

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Chapter NameDate Added
D.Gray-man 2242017-01-19
D.Gray-man 2232016-07-15
D.Gray-man 2222016-04-17
D.Gray-man 2212016-01-26
D.Gray-man 2202015-10-15
D.Gray-man 2192015-07-17
D.Gray-man 2182013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2172013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2162013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2152013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2142013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2132013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2122013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2112013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2102013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2092013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2082013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2072013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2062013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2052013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2042013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2032013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2022013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2012013-09-25
D.Gray-man 2002013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1992013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1982013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1972013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1962013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1952013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1942013-09-25
D.Gray-man 193.52013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1932013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1922013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1912013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1902013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1892013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1882013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1872013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1862013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1852013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1842013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1832013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1822013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1812013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1802013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1792013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1782013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1772013-09-25
D.Gray-man 1762013-09-25