Azamaru Manga

Alternate Name: 
Genpei Tenshou Emaki Azamaru
Year of Release: 
Tamaki Ippei
Tamaki Ippei
Japanese Manga (Read from right to left.)

1185. After a very bloody war, two heroes, moreover enemies,are reincarnated in order to continue their eternal fight. Who will be the winner: Benkei, the soldier-monk, or Yoshitsune, the dethroned brother of the current shogun? The only spectator of this confrontation is the young girl Tomoe.

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Chapter NameDate Added
Azamaru 252013-09-23
Azamaru 242013-09-23
Azamaru 232013-09-23
Azamaru 222013-09-23
Azamaru 212013-09-23
Azamaru 202013-09-23
Azamaru 192013-09-23
Azamaru 182013-09-23
Azamaru 172013-09-23
Azamaru 162013-09-23
Azamaru 152013-09-23
Azamaru 142013-09-23
Azamaru 132013-09-23
Azamaru 122013-09-23
Azamaru 112013-09-23
Azamaru 102013-09-23
Azamaru 92013-09-23
Azamaru 82013-09-23
Azamaru 72013-09-23
Azamaru 62013-09-23
Azamaru 52013-09-23
Azamaru 42013-09-23
Azamaru 32013-09-23
Azamaru 22013-09-23
Azamaru 12013-09-23